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PATRIZIA SE has been listed on the German Stock Exchange since 2006. You can use the interactive chart to access all of the relevant data and follow our share price.

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Basic Information

At a glance

PATRIZIA is a leading partner for investments in global real assets. As an independent investment manager PATRIZIA conducts worldwide investment activities via its network of local experts. The company provides a wide range of services from asset and fund management for almost all real estate and infrastructure asset classes to alternative investments and project developments. An important factor in our success is investor confidence. Here you will find all important information on the PATRIZIA share at a glance.

SIN (Security Identification Number)PAT1AG
Common code24836843
Issued shares as at 31.12.202392,351,476 shares
Outstanding shares as at 31.12.2023185,844,433 shares
Treasury Shares as at 31.12.20236,507,043 shares
Share classRegistered shares
Exchange segmentPrime Standard
Indices SDAX, MSCI World Small Cap Index and others2
Initial listing 31 March 2006
Dividend per share | FY 2021EUR 0.32
Dividend per share | FY 2022EUR 0.33
FY 2023 high3EUR 12.38
FY 2023 low3EUR 7.03
Closing price as at 31.12.20233EUR 8.20
Share price performance FY 20233-20.8%
Market capitalisation as at 31.12.2023EUR 0.8bn
Average daily trading volume FY 2023478,430 shares

Reduced number of shares compared to the issued shares due to share buybacks
CDAX, Classic All Share, Prime All Share, DAXsector Financial Services, DAXsubsector Real Estate, Solactive DIMAX Deutschland, S&P GIVI Global Index, S&P Global BMI
3 Closing price on Xetra-trading
4 All German stock exchanges


Analysts' Recommendations

Experts Analysis

Experts regularly examine our shares on the stock market. In this area of the website we present PATRIZIA share assessments, ratings and recommendations made by banks and analysts.

Analyst estimates and consensus (PATRIZIA survey)


The estimates reproduced here are not based on research carried out by PATRIZIA SE, but on research, reports, recommendations or assessments by third parties, in particular by analysts. Reference to such recommendations and assessments serves only for reader information and is non-binding. It does not imply that PATRIZIA SE subscribes to these recommendations, opinions or conclusions in any form whatsoever, or that PATRIZIA SE supports or confirms them. PATRIZIA SE accepts no liability for the selection, current relevance, completeness or correctness of the analysts’ recommendations and assessments reproduced here. None of the information on this Internet site is to be understood as an offer for purchase of PATRIZIA shares, or to be advertising same. Any liability on the part of PATRIZIA SE for losses or damages incurred by third parties arising from the information contained on this Internet site is precluded.

Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Transparency

The shareholders of PATRIZIA SE are made up of institutional and private investors. Company founder Wolfgang Egger is the largest shareholder with the management company First Capital Partner.

Data as at 31 December 2023.


  • (1) First Capital Partner GmbH is attributable to Founder Wolfgang Egger
  • (2) According to the voting rights notification of 15 February 2023
  • (3) According to the voting rights notification of 14 December 2020
  • (4) Treasury shares
  • (5) Source: PATRIZIA share register

Key Financial Data

Performance indicators

A firm’s current economic situation and success can be assessed using key business indicators and financial ratios. The following tables provide an overview of the key performance indicators for PATRIZIA SE.

Revenues and earnings 

EUR k20222021202020192018
Total operating performance333,587339,856316,275363,611343,740
Consolidated net profit7,24951,80840,67856,34758,116
Dividend per share (EUR)0.330.320.300.290.27


Structure of assets and capital

EUR k31.12.202231.12.202131.12.202031.12.201931.12.2018
Non-current assets1,245,9861,067,1451,033,0181,025,7241,002,262
Current assets799,888994,312929,065961,356776,184
Equity (excl. non-controlling shareholders)1,258,9921,282,8091,237,2401,206,3911,143,106
Equity ratio (excl. non-controlling shareholders)61.5%62.2%63.1%60.7%64.3%
Non-current liabilities460,221352,477419,214480,677448,947
Current liabilities260,315390,477273,363269,653175,711
Total assets2,045,8742,061,4571,962,0831,987,0801,778,446

Share Buy-back Programme

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Voting Rights Notification

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